Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"


These kids are the biggest gaywads on the entire planet. They are soo gay, that they suck the gayness out of luberachis anus, they are the biggest freaks and the do each other and Micheal Jackson each night. As for you, you are the biggest tool in the world, that is all.

dookiemoole responds:

hey these are really nice people!


greaat... but i wanna beat up the first kid for being more famous than me.... and the second for lookin like a total loser, lol

dookiemoole responds:



that's all i really have to say. tho it has NOTHING to do w/ flash. it was fr0cking hilarious. more power to ya! XD

dookiemoole responds:


made me cry man...it was that great

whats with all these other ppl reviewing this moive?..dont they have a sense of humor or a love for disco music?..i guess not..that was anwesome movie..dont u wish ppl actuly just bursted out in spoountaneous song and dance like that in real life?..thats my dream..and someday it will be fullfilled...check out my audio..since i dont do flash

dookiemoole responds:

i will check out your audio! check out mine it's all my site www.dookiemoole.tk it's some gay song i made under music


Sorry, I thought it was kind of dumb.

dookiemoole responds:

i put my whole lifes work into that! and don't say my life must suck..................SHUT UP!