Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"

its amazing how gay gr8 shyt this is

fuckin awesum buddy.


all your flash movies are great.

dookiemoole responds:

Now this man has taste!

Awesome Job

I liked this, it's one of my favorites! Their lipsynching was pretty good, and like everyone else, I think your editing was great. The kids in the video really looked like they were having a good time, and the scenes you picked went well with the song.

I'm a little confused about the breakdown at the end, though...

dookiemoole responds:

thank you


what is up with that guy and that girl in the orange shirt, are they 2gether?


LOVE IT GUYS!!!!!!! That was the one of the best submissions i have ever seen on newgrounds, or by many ameture filmmakers that i have seen at all! Mainly because of the editing. It was seriously great, I spent like a week trying to put something together that MY friends and I had made, and it wasn't nearly as smooth. Not to mention the overall mood of the video, which was great, I was smiling the whole time. Oh, and anyway, what program were you using to edit?

dookiemoole responds:

I used this sony vaio computer exclusive program movie shaker. AWESOME for trimming but thats it. Generally a lacking program. Also, i really never get what's so great about the editing in this. Do i just have some talent that makes it easy for me, or is movie shaker a good program?