Reviews for "SEPTEMBER"

I like it

This was just silly enough to make my day. *Stands up and gives applause* good stuff, keep it up


Did i love it, well, i love that song, i love you, but i didn't quite love it.. sorry.. i would had worked better as a video, but it doesn't really work as a flash..

It's ok.

Not bad for a stupid fuck around job. Are you into editing? what did you use to edit this?

dookiemoole responds:

Movieshaker. only works on sony vaio computers


I have a danm good reason why the numa numa dance is famous and this isnt. This is crap, its a good song ill admit that. The numa numa dance is something you wouldnt expect at all. A fat guy in front of his computer singing a romainian song or wat ever it is. Its funny, theres your reason.

dookiemoole responds:

this is awesome man, and you know it


funny stuff, why is numa numa dance so famous and not this one?
you have some good skills, donĀ“t let them go to waste!

dookiemoole responds: