Reviews for "Found Lost"

way too short.... damn..

man that was gooooooooood
it's not that scary.. but it made me feel uneasy .. that blasted tape..
great man, make more!


That could b one of the best flash games i have ever played...keep up the good werk...i give u a 10 and my 5 with two thumbs up on the side...

VERY Nice ...

That gave me the chills ... multiple times ...

That was freakin COOL!!!!!!

I loved it an incredibly enjoyable game great atmosphere and there wierd noises that happen when your walking around is great you should deffenitely make more the whole idea is great deffenitely make more.


Holy shit, the was scary... every1 says to play it alone and with all the lights off... so of course I played it with all the lights on and with other people nearby... and I still had to play this 3 times to get the nerves finish it.

I did NOT expect hands *shudders*

oh yea... go to the hall and minimize the game and surf the net... like i did... AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!