Reviews for "Found Lost"

Truly Great

This has THE best art iv ever seen in flash. Truly great. Awsome job.

wow! great job!

that was really cool! i had to cheat to figure out the whole key in the clock thing >.o lol.
i thought the ending was sorta dumb but the graphic and sounds adn stuff made up for it!

This is fanTAStic.

It's been a long time since something made me jump, but between the banging and the tape... my heart's in my throat. You're wonderful.


fuck yah dude that was fuckin the shiznit, fo all yall who need help like I did when u get to the clock, hit the number 11 on the clock it will spin and open the door, but be ready cause its freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo dude im shivering

Wow..one of the best things ive seen on newgrounds it was great i was so so so scared that kid was very freaky he looked like he was german but that is not a racist remark it was scary so U get a 10 overall For others that are goin to play on the locked door right click and press play then U can go inside