Reviews for "Found Lost"

great game

I loved it...it had the appeal of resident evil...and the creepyness of donnie darko...with a hint of deja vu form the NES...i thought that the idea was awesome and you need a longer game next time...or just a sequel....if i could, i would have given it a 9.5 cause of the clock thing....how was i supposed to know that???, but since there isnt a 9.5...i rounded up...

damn thats freaky

that was one of the best games on ng!! i will not dout females again.keep it up, keep it up!!!


F**K me that made me jump... Wow Im leaving this on at my Halloween party in a small dark room and letting people play it one at a time! And the most important thing is not to tell people how to open te studio because it spoils it all! Oh well good job if a bit short! Good going!


That was pretty cool. It took my fucking forever to figure out the clock though..lol I had to read all like 4 pages of reviews. I remember someone telling me aobut this story, kind of creepy, but nothing that made me shit my pants.

Holy Fucky That Was Scary

holy shit good job i mean like im no pro at flash but i no when i c good work u put a lot of d tail into that. and it was pretty scary (when i played it at night) but guring the day meh. and i was compeatly stuck so i read the reviews and i have no idea where it says 1 + 1 although i did press the 11 but even so what next what the hell am i supposed to fucking do pls tell me