Reviews for "Found Lost"

that was amazing

This is going to keep me awake at night. The the whole thing could be described accurately as "the creepiest friggin' thing on NG." The fact that my alarm on my watch went flared up just as the ending happened. A warning to all those who play, it WILL scare the crap out of you. Wear a diaper. Great job. I hope you'll make some more flash like this. EhFilms is definately on my favorites now.


anybody that says they dont get the ending didnt read the explaination. this thing made me get shivers. you get extra points for basing it off something that actually happened. and now im interested in checkin out this painter dude. mad props.


tha scared the fuck out of me..i gonna go show this to some friends of mine, i played this last night but then i started freakin and exited out (ok ok i know im a pussy) but the sound effect that got me was the banging and that scared the fuck out of me, but anyway ive heard of that "haunted" painting with the little kids and the hands in the window. but im still shaking from the game, i wont be able to sleep tonight


Ok i couldnt actually bring myself to walk through the door in the kitchen.I just couldnt do it.This is a truly frightening game.


U owe me new boxers, if u know what i mean. Scary as sh!t!!! A must play!!!