Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"


This is really nice, Reminded me of Zelda Somehow...


Definitely brings back a ton of memories, thanks a bunch.

Pretty good

It reminds of going through the whole journey with Isaac and Felix and the enemies fought. I cant wait to play Golden Sun Ds, even though it has different characters. Do you think you can do one with the Sol Sanctum theme, you know, when your getting the Elemental Stars?


best song ever!!!!!!!!!! just hearing it makes me think of killing the doom dragon

I liked it a lot!

I have no idea what this "Golden Sun" thing is, but it reminded me of some Mario game, as do nearly all games. I thought it was pretty nice how this was really nothing but triumphant music. It's great to hear a very, nice, pleasant theme and I'm glad this has at least gotten some recognition. Every second makes the listener think of hope and winning something. I don't know how you orchestrated this, but it turned out to be fantastic! This may be the first time I reviewed anything made by you, and I am glad that I have!