Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

Ah. Memories.

God, that was a fun game. Golden Sun. It was involving, challenging (but not hard), and had an involving storyline. I can't believe that you got this so right. I'm not sure how good it is to someone who doesn't love Golden Sun, but to me its perfect.

Nicely done

I will roast and eat anyone who bashes Shandu for making this orchestration.

Great job. I love it, and it's going into my favorites. You've done Golden Sun and Camelot some good here.

Really good!

I don't know why some people think you ruin it.
You really did a great job!
This music bring back good old memories.

I like it.

I don't need a fancy remix for Golden Sun, one of the Best GBA games in existence, and if you have problem with that, then please hand me your round orbed ass with a nice hole for me too insert my engorged genitalia... thank you, and have a nice day


It's an UPDATE! Not a REMIX! It's not supposed to sound original. He just made the actual song sound better.