Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"


I want another Golden Sun game... T_T


It sounds better this way.

Once again, AMAZING!

After hearing the overworld theme, I had to check if you had anymore Golden Sun songs, and you have really made my day :P. These songs definately deserve the orchestral treatment, and you do them great justice. The percussion is spot on, as are all the other instruments. 5/5
P.S. I must add that the ending was perfect! You just nailed it, expert skills shown once again!


Great memories.

This is by far one of the best games and soundtracks ever. Motoi Sakuraba is a genius. You did a fantastic job remaking this. Please, do more Golden Sun music when you get the chance.

Awesome work!

Jared A.
a.k.a. Watermusic34

Thank you so much

I will spread word about all the Golden Sun Themes here on NG in Golden Sun communities. Many thanks to you for doing this& keep it up!