Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING

I have always loved this game, a big factor was also the music, i admit that at times i would put the game but up to my ear just to listen to the music. i always wanted to know what it would sound like with a full, non-digital sound.


Well Done

Exelent recomposition of the main theme and still is your style.
Full points!

Great work

It was well composed, and fitted together good, it just wasn't my style.


Golden sun, great games. I've always loved them and I hate that they stopped making new ones. I did also love the audio in Golden Sun, especially the main theme. Amazing recreation of the main theme this, sounds really good, great job, thanks!


i just started playing this game again when i was trying to find some GS music. i got more than i wanted, and this thing is perfect. i wonder why it only has 4.35...it should be 4.85!!! only because som few fags out there like only hevee metal crap. this is pure art, and i have tears in my eyes right now...*sniff* i wonder why i havent seen anyone else make any beautiful pieces of wonder like this. i love it. you coo', dog, pretty damn coo'