Reviews for "Golden Sun - Main Theme"

You did it again

Your like one of my favourite artists, and youve done it again, made an awesome track.

Love it!


Very nice.

As a long-time Golden Sun player, I have to say that the original always felt like it was....missing something to me. But THIS is just amazing!
Good for you.



Some missing pieces, but good for the most part.

I'm an avid Golden Sun fan, and this is almost identical to the original (as I'm sure it's supposed to be); however, some of the parts of the music slipped through (ie: the low supporting drums for most of the song are absent), but what is there is very solid. Nice work.

Great going man!

Seanileus must be retarded or somtehing like that. Since we all know that we all can't hire an entire orchestra to record one of our songs. So that is why we use VST instruments. And this sounds fucking awesome! Keep it up!