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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"


^_^HAHHHHAAHAAAA! This is actually better then the first one! MAKE MORE! The more Ducktales the better! I want to see Flintheart again!! "One day I'll be the rrrichest Scroogie!" Thank you for this refreshing fun piece Laddy buck!


It did'n't make any sense and i didn't laugh at ALL, how the hell did it make it to daily feature???

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

Because more than enough people voted 5, of course. That's how it works with all of them.

This film was great!

I really enjoyed your "DuckTales" audition film. It had great jokes, and a great use of music. I was a huge "DuckTales" fan growing up, and i'm glad someone did something with Uncle Scrooge in Flash. Keep up the good work.

come on

omg this was a total rip -off! You just used every character that apeared on simpsons/futurama/family guy and made them do and say whatever they did on thosw shows! I bet you dont know squat about 80% of the people you made audition. be more original.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

"Simpsons?" "Futurama?" What are you talking about? You're only right about "Family Guy," and that was just with William Schatner and Bill Cosby (except in the case of Cosby. I've watched all his shows since the 80's.) I ripped off every other character out of their own respective roles. Now stop acting all serious and have fun - it's Newgrounds, darn it. :)

Pretty Good..

Didn't find it all that funny, but oh well.