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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

Good job

The audition dragged on a bit to long...by the time you got to the jucy-fruit commercial, it had stopped being funny.
But what do I know? I have yet to make a flash cartoon.

funny stuff

voices were way off, but i can't really nit pick too much about that, since it's a hard thing to accomplish. ending wasn't funny. but the interviews were. i laughed a lot. thanks a bunch i enjoyed it.

Best flash I have seen all day.

Good job! the auditions were funny, the running "dropkick gag" cracked me up and I especially liked the credits w/ the superimposed images at the end!


Not many have seen this cartoon. Too bad, because I really enjoyed it. I saw the first one first and I thought the graphics were gay and it wasn't really funny. The first one couldve been blammed. But I'm glad it didn't. B/c this one was SO well drawn and hilarious. =) make more! Oh yeah, I hate Julia Roberts aswell.


Michael Jackson

Good video I was going through your ducktales movies when i came across this one the only bad thing is that you made fun of Michael Jackson now he's dead. I now this was made years ago but it just sad