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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

fine and dandy!

this movie made my day! MUCH better than the first one....great shit! the ending was hilarious.
keep up the good work!


"Burst...ME...Bag...PIPES!" That was a great opening scene. Your depections of the actual character were really dead on. Nice use of Cyndi Lauper, she is the awesome. WWGLD? Your Academy Awards announcer voice sounds just like Kermit the Frog, you should do a movie with him. Julia sounds a lot like James Lipton. (Both your version and her's. She is evil) I am awaiting your next movie.


Macaroni-Penguin responds:

I was trying to do a Gary Owens voice for the announcer but it kept sounding like every other voice I've done. So I stuck with Kermit.

And yes, Julia Roberts is evil. Stay in the fight, brother. Don't back down. We'll be free someday.

I'm scared

This movie scared me but i could'nt stop watching it. I don't know how else to put it.

Very Good

I especially liked the Juicy Fruit guy. And "Dare" by Stan Bush was the icing on the cake.

Oh no, its Michael Jackson!

All auditions were funny, I just like the ending where that kid is running from Michael Jackson with a spiderman mask, good stuff XD