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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

fine and dandy!

this movie made my day! MUCH better than the first one....great shit! the ending was hilarious.
keep up the good work!


Much better than the first Duck Tales movie!

It was good for the most part, but seeing Scrooge smooch Halle Berry to the tune of "Dare" did me in! This is hilarious!

Much better than the previous one.

Some of the graphics are really brilliant - specially in the shots of the director. You're obviously a really talented artist.

The music is all really well chosen and the voices well acted. (Again, much better than the first movie.)

The humour is so much better this time around. The jokes come fast and furious - the general premise of the animation really allows you to throw the jokes our way with no gaps in between and you've really lived up to the potential of the idea.

That's really the thing that makes this such an improvement.

I watched it a 2nd time simply to ensure I caught all the jokes.

Good going!

Oh no, its Michael Jackson!

All auditions were funny, I just like the ending where that kid is running from Michael Jackson with a spiderman mask, good stuff XD

Burst me bag-pipes!

Hahahahahahaha!! lol.

"What would George Lucas do...?"

That was a good one.