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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

burst me bagpipes >toot<

I liked the sequel MUCH more than the first one. This was actually funny.

Best flash I have seen all day.

Good job! the auditions were funny, the running "dropkick gag" cracked me up and I especially liked the credits w/ the superimposed images at the end!


^_^HAHHHHAAHAAAA! This is actually better then the first one! MAKE MORE! The more Ducktales the better! I want to see Flintheart again!! "One day I'll be the rrrichest Scroogie!" Thank you for this refreshing fun piece Laddy buck!

It was alright...

but funny

A pleasant follow-up to your first movie

Better humor, better contrast in animation between the ducks and everything not of Duckberg. When going back and watching this the second time (I've seen it before) I noticed that Michael Jackson and Julia Roberts were referenced here, and thus again in your later movies; great way to build upon a series!