Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"


Dude.... this is too familiar. Legends of Dragoon maybe? Hmm... maybe it sounds so familiar because your right about most RPG beginnings, lawl.
Keep it up!


kelwynshade responds:

Legend of Dragoon was a great game and very unappreciated and underrated. Regardless, I can't think of any of the songs in that which would resemble this one.

........ (Speechless)

WOW, i have played alot of RPGs in my life and you hit the mark with this one, im thinking of a blue haired guy walking out of a village, with a wood sword and a pet squirrel or something like that. make more! please!

kelwynshade responds:

I'm happy you approve. I'm actually going to start a cool project here soon working on RPG songs to an unmade game. It'll be fun because I'll need ideas from the Newgrounds Community. Keep checking back and you should take part in it if it sounds like fun.

Only one thing I don't like

It loops too perfectly! XD

It sounds really good, so much so that I didn't realize I had listened to it over 15 times, and also that I didn't get tired of it after so many times either. It sounds great.

kelwynshade responds:

Great to know! I was hoping to make it so that when it looped you wouldn't notice and wouldn't get tired of listening to it (which is really really hard for some strange reason).


Good Song

Sounds like something from Sims 2

kelwynshade responds:

I've never played a sims game, but I appreciate the comment.

Good song

And it PERFECTLY loops.

kelwynshade responds:

mission accomplished! woot.