Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"


Awesome RPG feel to it, really simple melody, and really happy. Absolutely love it :D

kelwynshade responds:

Hooray. Glad you love it!

LOve it

i dont know about it soundin like anything other then the feeling it gives you. i LOVE these melodies when you first start a good yet excitefull rpg with the cute char and story line alot in the beggining .. you all know what i mean. love it. great job.

kelwynshade responds:

I agree. I miss the sprite RPG days where everything started all colorful and happy.

thanks for the comments!


thats what i waited for
this is really nice, tht really give you a ''hourney begins'' where you on the world map and have to choose the first location

really nice great job

kelwynshade responds:

Awesome. Glad you liked it.

Thanks for the comments.

Uh oh...

Not to say you did it on purpose, I've done this many times myself and have had to restart because of it, but basically sometimes when we play a game or hear a song it nets into our subconcious and comes out randomly when we play. What I'm getting at is this sounds astonishonly like The Shinging for neo theme in the village. Even though that's what it sounds liuke, to be able to construct something in a video game or even on your own that resembles one (in the case that yuou've never played it) Is an astonishing feat, for that I give you props.

kelwynshade responds:

I'll have to look into that. Never heard of it.

With thousands and thousands of songs being written, it's completely possible to have made something sound so similar to something else and not even know it.

This is...

such a fun piece! It truly represents a mellow, peaceful yet excited atmosphere and the anticipation of the unknown. You did very well portraying your idea in this song. Great work, Josh :)

kelwynshade responds:

Wohoo. I know it's simple, and I know not much was placed into it, but I thought to make it have that SNES feel I needed to limit myself on it.

Glad you liked it!