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Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"

Love it.

I and a friend are building an RPG and I just love this music ;] Keep up the fine RPG work I may want more XD you rock dude and so does this track. 10 for you.

you had to say rpg dint ya!!! lol!

Nicely done. yep you so have me thinking RPG perfect RPG music for my SlyCougar she half cougar and half human. It makes me think of her running around on the roof tops running jumping flipping just checking out the city. yes this is so sly it make me think of everything sly is cunning, sly, smart, and rescorsefull a must download!!! thinks ill listion to this while I RPG. hope ya dont mind. well thanks for the inspriation. 5\5 and 10/10 for you!!!

i can see that

i can see playing a rpg game just roming around but i too feel its more of a town feeling like the last guy but i like it

really cool

It sounds great...I'm listening to it right now and I'm hearing a bit of Zelda's lullabye in the flute at 1:09-1:12, cool though cause it's not just completely ripped off. It sounds to me more like the hero's hometown than an overworld theme if that's what you were going for. Remember that the overworld is what you're gonna hear throughout the entire game, should be a bit more upbeat and energetic. This one's very relaxing... like a hero's hometown.


It sounds a little like Sims 2, but it's too sort of... I dunno, different to be Sims.

I like it very much, though. 9/10, because it sounds like Sims 2, as I said.