Reviews for "++ The Journey Begins ++"

Feeling the RPG-ness

I get the "mood" your trying to convey...I feelz it! lol...your point has been made! (and well put together)

kelwynshade responds:

please don't hurt me....



Made me feel like a noob all over again :P good work

kelwynshade responds:

1. Press Start

2. New Game

3. Journey starts, music begins.

I like this...

nice upbeat track, the composition was a bit too poppy for my tastes-but it perfectly fits the mood you're going for and its certainly catchy. Great job putting this track together.

the guitar strings have a great feel, some very happy arpeggiation that flow over the top of everything nicely. The pizzicato strings (I think thats what it is) are a nice addition, and the bassline is simple and great. The flute interlude was my favorite part, thats a very cool, good structured solo.

Great job with the sequencing, as you introduced the guitar tones, then the strings, fused those, had an interlude, and the combined all the instruments playing and added new hand percussion making for a grand last chorus, and then did a simple conclusion. You kept everything pretty basic and easy to follow, which is an an essence for a relaxing, laid back track like this. No real criticism here, although some of your synths;/samples are not the most authentic sounding. But it's suitable for an old school (but not too old-maybe mid late 90ish) RPG game. And you mixed everything quite well, as its pretty clear and the instruments are well defined. maybe you could start off or end with a warm, swelling pad unless if you're going for a looped type.

Excellent job once again!

kelwynshade responds:

It's always a pleasure reading your reviews.

I totally went for the SNES era RPG style music. Nothing too over the top, but something you could listen to over and over and not really get irritated listening to.

I'm never satisfied though. I always feel there are room for improvements. I take the things I've learned and try to slowly enter them into new songs, so, maybe someday you'll hear something REALLY good =)

Thanks again, I appreciate it.


man u really pulled this 1 off! u made that ending flow flawlessly w/ the repeat! o man i luv *favorites*

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks. Like I said before, I actually made it so that if you weren't looking at the timeline, you shouldn't be able to tell where it really loops.


I know what kind of felling you tried to put on this and well simply it worked! I think this would work for like a prelude kind of thing. But anyway keep up the good work!

kelwynshade responds:

Will do. Thanks!