Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

My favorite part was definately the fighting.

Pretty good job. Time to see the next one...

Alright! A spin-off!

If I had known this was made by Newground's newest Sprite Movie Legend, OR that this is a spin-off of Megaman X The Final Battle, I would have seen this much sooner!

*hits self in head*

Well, now that I've seen this movie, I can confirm that your really, REALLY complexly animated flashes have spoiled me. It may not look like I'm giving this a high score, but remember that I'm not the kind of person who only votes 10 or 0. I make use of the rating system.

Anywho, the sprite graphics seemed a tad more pixely this time, but once again you've assembled a very well designed fight sequence with 2 classic robot masters. Although they're the older, less interesting kind, you still made use with the materials you have.

3 small gripes tho.

1. The words go by a bit too fast.

2. The sound effect for Rush barking seems a bit too loud for a dog of his size.

and 3. I think it doesn't matter how big a movie it is, but if you don't put in as much effort into a movie just to make it a smaller size, it loses a lot of what makes it so great in the first place. An epic scope.

Eh, it barely detracts from an enjoyable little piece in the puzzle of this interesting spin-off.


CheveLoco responds:

heheh sprite movie legend?..i'm flattered.. thank you very much even though i don't think i have achieved that title yet...:P
1- i'll check the text pace next time.
2-that's the only i could find at that moment..hehe
3-is not that i dont put a lot of effort i just try to make it as good as good as possible with a low file size(by now i think that doesnt matter to a lot of people so i might have to change that "policy" hehe


You could have made it much longer, you obviosly made this just to submit to newgounds, you should have waited and spent more time. MAking it a series when u CAN continue it in the same flash is just ballocks. You suck for doing this. 1.35 megs and you could have fitted 2,5 times more. You should have done it, your loss 5th award. NOT 1

CheveLoco responds:

you havent paid attention to my comments have you?...i said..."i wanna create a good movie with a low filesize" what does that mean?..that a movie doesnt have to be 5mbs to be good..i didnt make this to just submit it to newgrounds..i just take the people who dont have broadband into consideration too. If you think i suck cuz of that it's cool..and i don't make my movies to get awards..i just do it for fun.

no spriteamation.

i dun like spriteamation. and its Bass' revenge.... not bass's

CheveLoco responds:

if u dont like this kind of stuff why did u watch it?

What the hell?

Making flash animations off of games, shows no skill in artistic ability you just get the movements from copy and paste. So try something not 8 bit fucker!

CheveLoco responds:

just in case you don't know...i make handrawn movies too so blamming me for trying something different to what i was used to it's just stupid you should at least check what other movies i have made before making any judgment about my lack of artistic ability..and like i have said before i animate all of my sprites so it's more than just copy and paste like u said..and there is an artistic ability..if it was as easy as you said there wouldnt be any crappy movies in the portal..and just so you know..is not even 8bit dumbass...so shut your mouth..and at least get flash mx to see if you can at least understand it.