Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

very well done

this megaman spoof is great i like the way how you did the fight with megaman vs cut and woodman keep up the good work.

Good job with this one :)

Yay, u did make another series after all, i think they are doing great!! keep e'm coming!! ;)


Damn.. the fight scene with Megaman and woodman was great.. the dodging with the dash slide and all.. the movies action overall was great, looks to be a good series like the Megaman/X


This is the highest score I've ever given to a Sprite that isn't meant to be a joke. Why? Because it was good! That was one of the coolest sprite battle scenes I've ever seen. You should have made that scene longer because it was so awsome. I hope in your next movie you make longer battle scenes, because you're damn good at makin' em.

CheveLoco responds:

thank you


Wat u should of done is make zero or protoman help megaman before tenguman kills Light.

CheveLoco responds:

well proto is in part 3