Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

Final Battle now this!

I can tell that ur next movie movie will be excellent. One things bothers me though, why would Dr. Light call him Rockman( Japanese name) when u stated that the name above his head was Megaman? I was just wondering.

Well anyways, awesome job, can't wait till the next one!

CheveLoco responds:

he calls him rock...that's megaman's name..

Very well done.

I think this has been planned out and carried out very well, and story's good too.


That was so smoothly done that it was almost like watching a video game cut scene. The only thing that took away from it was the close-up as it was too pixelated at that range. Otherwise, I'm waiting for the next one...

CheveLoco responds:

yeah i kinda thought that too hehe


WHY do you have to be that good? Damn... I gotta learn how to rip Sound Effects from ROMS, you know where I can find a tutorial, or could you mail me one? Please, I really wanna know!

Anyways, to the review... Ep. 1 was really kickass, a great follow up to Megaman/X: Final Battle series... although, this doesn't really further the plot, it has good action, and tasty dialogue. But in my opinion every episode of a serie must further the plot a little ( I think I did that in Dirty Power series? ) I dunno why, but it feels like it's a bit shorter than the other movies of yours...

Great job, 5!

And PLEASE, tell me how to rip those dang sounds!

CheveLoco responds:

ooh the question about the sound effects..hehe..it's easy man..what i did is i started my megamanx game..went to options and then to the sound test...and i just recorded it with any recording program from there..

sheeot what a megaman obsessive

your obsessed with megaman, but with good reaason n e way. control this obsession and move on with ur social life lol.

CheveLoco responds:

why am i obsessed?..just because i make flash movies about him?...and how does this relates with my social life it's beyond me...but oh well..what can someone spect from a 13 year old..