Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"


I like where this is going. Can't wait for when Bass and MM face off. The remade robot masters are a great idea and its cool. Keep them comming! You get a 5..and a gold star!

CheveLoco responds:

thanx for the star..:P

Ah man you left us hangin'

Wow that was great! The fight scenes were awsome. And the sound was good too. Cant wait to see the 2nd one. Keep'em comin'!

CheveLoco responds:

well this was the second one:P

Nice Once Again

You've definately got a talent for making good sprite movies.

Way to go Rigo!

You really know how to make good sprite movies. You're fight scenes aren't that bad, either! Keep up the good work, Rigo!

CheveLoco responds:



I'm glad to see this series off and running. Graphics are still good, good music and sound effects, smooth fight, and a little funny.

I don't mind the length of these episodes at all; not long but not that short for me. Plus, you really seem to have a knack for picking a good stopping point for each episode. Everytime you've ended one of the Megaman episodes it was at an exciting moment and made me wanna see the next one.

Keep up the good work.

CheveLoco responds: