Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

GREAT WORK! i gave it all a complete 10

Nice job.I dont know if u know this but i tinhk there are some sprites of megaman and rush fused together like Bass and Gospel. Just to let you know. Great work can't wait to see the next

CheveLoco responds:

yeah i'm thinking of using them in this series

Very nice!

That kicked ass dude!


Cada vez mejor!!!Pero CREO que X y Megaman no son el mismo.....ahh y se ve que te gusto esa cara que le hiciste a mega

CheveLoco responds:

ahh es ke esta chistosa..:P

u own

u r deffinatley the best sprite animator EVER, u inspired me to do some, i just need to know how u cut out the sprites

CheveLoco responds:

well first u get the sprite sheet...then at the top go to modify..then trace bitmap...a window will come up...put these numbers..1,1,pixels and many corners...that's all

kill dr light!

what you should do have tenguman kill light and then roll, then x and zero help megamnan.oh ya prcotoman should help to not die