Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"


finally something u made thats good for a whilethe ending in megaman/x thing wasnt good and the first movie to this series wasnt that great....but this....this is good

CheveLoco responds:


Good, good....

But you made one major flaw why doesnt megaman and X get the powers of defeated Mavricks and Robot masters?

CheveLoco responds:

hmmm...good question

Rockman saves the day!

That was kicka$$, man! Those sprites for Cutman & Woodman you used were freakin awesome! This one also had alot more action than the first, and the way Rock fought was better than that of the games! I haven't seen the third one yet, so I don't know if Dr. Light will survive or not. See ya!

Good battle between Cutman and Woodman.

It was pretty funny when Megaman destroyed Cutman's scisscors realizing he was screwed. How come you wanted to give Rush that raccoon suit from SMB 3?

Better than the first one

This better than the first one. The text went slower making it easier to read. That was cool when Megaman fought Cutman and Woodman. I can't believe I saw Rush playing with the Tanooki Suit from SMB 3. I didn't see any problems with this movie so I'll give you a 10.