Reviews for "Bass' Revenge 2"

Wow that was impressive!

Sprites were sooo smooth and it was so intune and the action and battle scene was hella tight! So great job and smooth and like alot of others would say...Can't wait for the sequel! So great job and good luck and hard work with the next sprite experience so have fun with it and I hope to see many more on the way or whatever it might be that your doin! Soooo...Have fun with it if theres anything I'd change it would be...O.K there is nothing...Great Job!


CheveLoco responds:

hehe thank you

Even better than the first one!

Great job, make more!!


2/8 baddies destroyed, Home base infaltrated! this is already great

CheveLoco responds:

hehe thanx


What's there to say? This Movie is great! all your movies are! Great plots too!

cutman got owned

look up 2 see txt