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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Ha Ha Ha Cool!

That was great. I love the drawn animations in the middle of the fights. There wasn't too much or too little it was just right. I loved the endings. "Oops..." was fucking hilarious. I never expected that. Good Job.

What can I say

er... You have er... A good hair doo? Naw You got more then that. SKILL my friend SKILL

That was pretty good

Good! That wasn`t the best movie ever, but it still rocked!


man i'm a big fan of your work & i have to say this is your best movie ever.it was so cool how you switched between sprites & pics.and all th ending where great!MESSAGE:VOTE 5!!!!!!!!

Exellent !!!

That was by far one of the best sonic versus movies ever I'd even put you up next to mario vs sonic by VGDC. Not only was that video full of action you added major humor at the end and I'm suprised that you added so many endings which was very cool, I also enjoyed how you would go back to back from sprites and drawings (kinda reminds me of Jen's Ivo comics like ruins of the forth wall and scrambled eggs). It was also cool how you added the old versions of sonic and knuckles and had them win (in my opinion they were much better). So in total this was very cool and I hope you make another sonic versus video:).