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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Really cool.....

The music was the best and im a huge sonic fan.....10 all around. Make more

This one is funny

you had alot of different endings for it,so that was cool.I enjoyed watching this.

I saw a few errors

another sonic and knuckles overlapping eachother.(forgot wich ending), and when sonic wins it said Sonc, though it is still the greatest movie i ever seen on NG.


that was pretty cool but there is one tiny little mistake when sonic wins and the DBZ rip comes on and does the "spirit bomb" the attack moves using chaos emeralds are chaos spear and sonic wind... chaos control is used to stop time/teleport depends on when it is used

Chakra-X responds:

i think i understand what ur saying... the part when sonic wins, that was chaos control (like when Sonic and Shadow teleported the ARK back into orbit) that's what sonic did to knuckles, the DBZ rip off was just a "Chaos Bomb", a pun from the "spirit bomb". glad ya liked it anyway


I was getting ready to blam this with the preloader problem but its actually pretty good. Tons of endings and I didn't expect some of them.