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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"


That was tight. I can tell you worked hard on it. Alot of features and it was long.I'm giving you a 5. I dont give anyone a 10 because nothing is perfect.So theres ya 9.

Chakra-X responds:

WOO! more positive reviews! i'm glad ya liked it, i spent only 2 weeks on it, but a LOT of work. i just wish i was on the front page!! and that only voting 9 thing, das actually pretty cool


d00d, this flash ROCKS!!! I just loved the whole thing!!! the DBZ Rip-off, opps, ??? though the Matrix Mode i didn't like all that much (cuz i hate the Matrix =P). The fight before picking a winner was amazing!!! GO KNUCKLES!!! keep up the excellent work ^_^

~ Nest the Echidna
(My Sonic RP character)

Chakra-X responds:

woa, how ironic....people usually love the matrix and hate DBZ, lol, oh well. Zank you for the 9 tho. (another positive review! :-D)

not bad

not bad...i say #1 in the knuckles version sonic movies...ware did you get swish 2.0?

Chakra-X responds:

i asked for it as a graduation present ^_^ and the results rule!u can buy swish 2.0 or swish max at wwww.swishzone.com....and i'm glad u liked my movie! (FINALLY a new review!) don't u think i should have been on the front page? or at least the sonic collection...a friend of shaodow's is a friend of mine! lol


Aaron, it took my hours to find this Vid! I was typing in sonic v.s But your name is so for down on the list! Let's raise that score and get it up to 5! XD

Chakra-X responds:

lol, finally bri-i mean...reaper, yes, i ish i did have ahigher score, so i can be at LEASTte lastone of the top 50 of all time...burt good u liked the movie!


Great job.
The hand drawn graphics looked real shitty but at the same time mezmorising... Everything else top notch. (the motion was good too)