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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Great Fighting and funny too

That was amazing, the fighting was good and there was lots of different endings to chose from (my favourite was the dbz rip-off).

lol why is it hard to find your movies?

Well anyway...u just made the best sonic vs knuckles ever! Go Aaron i heard u were stoping your sonic flashes that u make....dont do that no!!!! your sonic flashes rule :) ...well i hope these new videos you make r good anyway...hope to review you again......cya later *waves good bye*

nice job

liked the dbz rip off ending the best nice flash movie i got to see all of you movies now^-^.

loved how you swithced back annd forth with the se

i love how you swithced the seanes back and forth back and forth you are a flash master
i ve only seen 2 other artits be as good as you
in my opinon and i liked how you didn't use super sonic and knuckles right away you r the master you shouled make anorther one like this instead of son vrs knuckles ssonic vrs shadow ive been waiting for a good sonic vrs shadow
you rule dude and keep up the good work

Gotta love the ??? And matrix rips off endings ^^

Another duel flash... still it was interesting to see what swish can do apart from those mostly over the top text effects... -_- There were a few minor sound bugs but other then that I enjoyed watching it, I can't believe no-one did a Sonic vs Knuckles duel flash sooner actually! So props to ya for that if nothing else =)