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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

nice work

a lot beter then your past submissions, i can tell u realy worked hard on this. the best sonic vs. knuckles movie on new grounds.


The beginning of the fight was awsome... I loved every ending especialy the one that mentions my favorite 2 cheats for the Sonic the Hedgehog games... the parts that warent done with video game sprites, (the ones you drew) where some of the best I've seen you should definitly make another one and FAST!

Chakra-X responds:

woa! I'm glad ya liked it! and now i FINALLY have a 3.00 (thanx to Ryo and other voters)and i am grateful that u put Sonic v.s Knuckles in ur favorites! (now how do i get into the sonic paradies section?) and YES degug mode and level select are CrAzY in Sonic and Knuckles 3!and thanx 4 the compliment of drawings too! but sadly, school comes in september, and this movie took me 2 weeks to make, and i don't have that time in school =(

this movie was sweet

i wish i could do flash like this!

u like sonic too much

i too am 13 and like sonic, dbz, matrix and all that shit but i looked on your profile ,,,,,,a picture of sonic............well its just a picture no wait his favourate band is jun senque? anyone reading this must think well who the fuck is jun senque? jun senque is a someone who has a band that dont have concerts, dont have merchandise, dont have a website well what do they have? nothing accept been able to put there music on EVERY sonic adventure game i like it but grew tired of it since they dont have albums. how do you listen to it? i dont anymore because they sing about sonic. but when i did i downloaded them of kazaa. but i am here for your movie hmmmm..how many rip-offs?
1: sonic did the split form in dbz.
2:sonic turning super when he wins it was too much like dbz
3:matrix mode
4: sonoku (sonic/goku) did a lot of shit from dbz
(chaos bomb, the didt when goes into all his forms, the bit when he has long hair....i realy hope that you reply but anyway i just wanted to tell you the movie is great!

Chakra-X responds:

lol, well, yeah, i AM a die hard sonic fan, but i don't care if Jun don't have an albumb (actually, he DOEs, it's just not for sonic, call ed the "Sons of Angels") but ya gotta adimit, the sonic songs ARE pretty cool. as for the picture....it matched my screename =P. as for the Rip-offs, i'm glad ya paid attention, but the endings were SUPPOSED to be like that. and when sonic went super when he wins, that wasn't a rip off, because sonic DOES do a chaos control like that with Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2, i just made i just changed it to follow the scenere. besides, the chaos ball didn't kill knuckles, it just teleprted knuckles into orbit. well, at leats ya gave it a good review! (the other one made it look bad)


that sounds...the music...three seperate tracks were playing at the same time at the end....
Aside from that, its another spritefight, with some attempted style. The mix of drawings and sprites could work, but the drawings would need heavy improving, no offence
A lot more effort shows in this than in a lot of stuff here, even though thats really not saying anything.
You should have cleaned it up though,,..theres more than a single instance where theres more than one sprite of knux at the same time, and the custom (punshing) bits of sprites were anything but good, im sorry to say
although I will say keep at it. potential does show, but it will need a heavy amnount of nurturing.