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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

It was alright

I found it good but there was a few major details with it. The sprites and animation was choppy. You kind of dragged it on. I got bored within the first fight scene cuz it just kept going on without any thing interesting happening. The worst thing was the music. You need better fight music. Putting old game music on loop got me so annoyed plus using voice overs from sonic adventure 1 and 2 would have helped it alot especualy in the chaos control area. I thought u did awsome in the choice area so overal good work and keep it up.

nice work

nice large custom sprite work, dbz was a nice touch only beef was in the kung fu scene, i saw two knuckles overlaping eachother. overall wall done


Hey this movie was pretty cool! i wouldve liked to see shadow as a winner in an extra ending..but everything else was good! Well i got to go now i got animes to watch and things to do so bye!


A very entertaing flash . . . not just SS, DD.

Anyone whoz seen "Dreamcatcher" will know what that meanz. Anyway, this movie wuz a LOT more entertaining than I presumed. So many endingz . . . even the rip-offz seemed kool. And I liked your integration of spritez and drawn art. Kind of sketchy, but, thatz nothing new. Awwww SHIT, my fantasy baseball teamz are gettin rocked . . . gotta blaze.


-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz

very long, very good

Wow, that went on for ages considering it's only 2MB, I liked how you brought in the classic sonic n Knuckles, they're the greatest. good one.