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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

IT.......WAS SO GOOD!!!!

You must see this diamond in the rough!!!

Chakra-X responds:

thanks! but wat does diamond i nthe rough mean?

Well done...and made with swwish!

I saw your movie in the post about what version of flash you used. I would've posted, but I'm temporarily banned :-(. Anyways, in anohter post I said that swish sucked. I take that back. SwishLite sucked, Swish 2.0 is okay, though not quite as good as macromedia flash. You did REALLY well with this animation, considering u have swish. It had some really nice spritework, and was smooth. Only iffy thing was at the winners screen sometimes if you clicked on a button too early or something you would hear a few tunes at once. Otherwise this is a good movie. WD!

10 out of 10 dude

THIS WAS GREAT!!!! THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN ON NEWGROUNDS!!!! MAKE ANOTHER!!! PLEEEAAASEEEE... i promise i wont go fucking nuts anymore if u make another =D

best ever

i thought it was awesome and i liked the way how
sonic transformed into supersonic and how knuckles transformed into hyperknuckles. the dbz ripoff was hilarios to!

speaking of ripoffs, afro thunder is a character from ready to rumble boxing.

anyhow this is my favorite movie so far


wow anyone ever tell you that you are the coolest person to walk the earth? well if not your the coolest person to ever walk the earth by the way in your explanation of the movie it says you cant make more movies because of school well after school your making more movies because your the ultimate life form and i dont compare to you thats how cool you are so i really want you to make more