Reviews for ""R""

A truely good piece of work

I very much enjoy wathcing this movie, infact it has made me question, and re-think some of my own beliefs and curiousities of life. I too wish a copy of the text from the movie, if you could E-mail it to me (Wolf20980hotmail.com) or somehow make it available to read I would greatly appreciate it. Second, I hope you will make more like this, possibly based on some of the review's written by people who actually listened to what you had to say.

My opinions:
I dont know for sure, but based on what i have come to learn about the universe, there is no explaination for how the universe all started. Yes, i know of the Big Bang, but do you truly believe that the Big Bang suddnely happend, do you belive that something can be made from nothing? I do not. Therefore i have come to the conclusion that there must be some higher source at work, some kind of God. But then the question is, how did this God come to be? My answer, he/she always was. That is something that we, as race that is governed by time, living in a world, also governed by time, cannot accept easily. For us there is a beginning and an end to everything we know of. Therefore we assume that everything must have a begining and an end. But it is wrong to assume, for as my Gr.10 English teacher taught me, when you assume u make an ass of u and me (ass-u-me for those who dont get it). So that is what i believe, although i dont claim to know what religion is truly right, if any.

Another question that i will briefly discuss before i end this review, is are we alone? To think that we are a fluke, 1 in who knows how many planets, is just fooloish. But when you look at how perfect things are, how they are put together just right for a form of advanced life such as ourselves to evolve, does make you wonder. Are we alone, i do not belive so, but how many others are there? i cannot say. If you wish to learn more, than ask yourself questions. Why? How? When? What? Who?

Da-Dinictus responds:

Mortal life always brings the belief that things are finite. Assuming certain things can and are not can be hard. Seeing us as one race in the grand scape of evolution, we can hardly say we are alone.

Also, a nice little joke of your teacher.
Thank you for this review, Wolf. You know, I just might send it today, "R"'s speech. And you'd be the first ^_^

Thank you again, and I'm glad you enjoyed my flick.


This is the most thought provoking flash ever i showed it to all my friends and they also thought it was amazing. if you could would you mind emailing me the text from the animations. Email Puglielliusa@cs.com

Interesting Unique Movie

I really love it...just outside my top 10 movies!!

I know the real reason was to give your poseptions on life but didn't wanna bore anyone so made it interesting...still was funny...I loved it...thank you very much for making it!!

Da-Dinictus responds:

No prob. Glad you enjoyed "R".

Get over yourself.

Good Christ. Spend some time leafing through a study guide to one or two of the thinkers who's names you were so eager to drop and your rants might stop sounding like my dad after he's had a few beers. Trying to impress people with cosmetic references to arguments like the parable of the cave and concluding them with gems like "it'd sure be tough adjusting once you stepped outside"
doesn't count as an intellectual contribution to the site.

I became a newgrounds member this very night for the sole purpose of telling you how monstrously empty-headed and pretentious this cartoon is. I "hope" this encourages you to start reading your fancy books instead of skimming them for cool quotes, though I fear it'll probably feed your massive ego even more.

Da-Dinictus responds:

The Son of the Lord has nothing to do with this. Just me and you now.

Appearantly, you didn't like the movie's contents, and felt like doing nothing but let me reply to it to boost -your- massive ego, to use your words.
Or, I could be nice. And I will.

If the thought of this movie being made for NG, and its users - average teens with little to no interest in basic philosophy - ever has struck you, yes, then probably I really should've consorted to things and terms people can link to in their minds, without delving too deep. And if they still didn't like that, enter comedy relief. I need not impress folks with content. I need not sound pretentious to convey a message, that NG's contents can be more than the god awfull crap that hits it everyday and gets blammed, or just might survive on the brink of blamming. I wanted to share my views after giving those of old, and to encourage people to think about matters, and maybe sharing their thoughts.

Now read all these reviews this movie has received. Most of them have actually been replied to, and share a valid view upon matters. Some use more up-to-date examples, some even point out more ancient philosophers.
Finally, have you noticed when it really was made? Say, a month or so ago? Why should I 'get over myself' after having completed a movie, appearantly with quality, judging its score, that has taken 1.5 months of my life to just share my views and have people contemplate? Get over myself? I have passed the phase where I thought I was interesting by the age of 3 or 4, thus my inquisitive nature. You, sir, just had a major ego boost.

Enjoy your shot. I'm out of 'ego' for this month.

You have made me think...

I would like to share my opinions with you and please excuse my spelling. Now, I think this movie rises the supreme question of "why are we here?" And "did the chicken or the egg come first?" I will give my variation on that question "which came first, the God or the Human?" I believe the human, who then, as you said, made up Gods for things they didn't understand... Although with Ares god of War, the Greeks understood war, but needed someone of greater power to guide them into war... This is why, there are all of the problems in the Middle Eastern countries, all of them think thier gods want them to go to war to have supremacy... No! In the Ancient times, around the Greek and Roman eras, many people believed in gods but did not worsip all gods, the gods still got along and you could have many people in one city of different beliefs. Although like another reviewer said Plato was sentenced to the poison cup for this... So do we really have freedom of belief? Are we here to debate that? Are we here to acheive religious supremacy for our God or Gods? Are we here to have equal rights as humans for the worship of one or many Gods? I often think about this and that there may be a master plan of the heavens... Although humans may be to ignorant to see it... Every living thing has needs. Only humans have and express those wants, dogs dont have big screen TVs. Through history this is true, Emperors wanted to rule all in Ancient times, kings wanted more power in the Middle Ages and Renissance, Napoleon wanted to conquer the world, Hitler in Germany wanted more power so he threatend the Jewish population... Now, even more so than ever, the world is at each others throats, Although none of the ruthless leaders won. Napoleon lost in Germany, Hitler to the Allied side in WWII, just recently Saddam lost. No human will ever be able to not want more. N00bs want to get better and become elites, If you give a child a dollar, they will buy something with it, it is human nature. No human can answer the "questions of life" correctly, but many can give their input. That is even my answer to many of these "questions"

Da-Dinictus responds:

The final three sentences of your views were, what I believe, the mainstay of them. We act by nature, and respond to the happenings we are confronted with as so.
I think that merely recently, a few hundred years at most, that faith is now merely an excuse - a tool if you may- to force your way through life and force your says upon others. It, too, can be a driving force. Just like whatever has driven the examples you have mentioned - the last two being extremes of such (Saddam and Hitler).

I thank you for your review and your time typing this all out. Glad you enjoyed "R".