Reviews for ""R""

that was the best ever

that kicked all ass and made me think about life.

all hail teh clock crew

Very great!


Very great point of view. The hope thing seems logic, even if i think we can not explain the sense of life, because our brains are too small and our thinking is too limited.

Greetings from Germany
CyA, SirDregan

Very interesting

Made me think alot at the end What is truly the meaning of life it cannot be happiness or friends I've figured those two out by personal experience but enough about me great film made me think alot and i hope to see more of your work

Great Job

Nice job...u really did your research and it paid off...it was very intellectual....dont listen to all the kids with ADD that cant sit still for 13 mins...hope u make more...

u av to concentrate to enjoy !!!

DEfenitly made me think m8 ace movie fuk all those who dident listen i did and it made me think well done.jus a tip next time add a few more exciting things to it but u did great ...........from solan