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Nice movie, but you could of used streaming sounds

But enough about reviewing. Let's talk intellectual. It is good if we stop and think: "Why do we live?" but isn't it better to think: "What do we want our lives to be? What do we want as our purpose?".

But the most important question: "Why do we always pick on each other?". That is the main thing why most brilliant scientists were executed. Look at Plato, a student of... some other dude. He was sentenced to drink the poison cup. And still there are people who are picking others for fun. Look at all the n00bs out here. They think they can just walk in and vote 0, with the reason "U SUK". But also, what's even more wrong, are the so called elite people. Elites were the cause of death of milions of people.

Another important question: "Why do we love?". I think that's the most difficult question. Love is a way to keep man and woman together. Without them, children can't grow up. But why does everything has to be a love thing? There are great philosophers who think about love. But there isn't an explaination for love. And that's the same with life. There is no explaination. Is there a meaning of life? Is there a purpose of falling in love? Is there a reason why we have elites and footpeople? That are questions that can control our lives. If you don't think about those things, then you won't get any troubles. Let every question pass, the answer will find you. The purpose of life isn't what people search, it's fortune men search. But fortune isn't just money or wisdom, fortune is happyness, love, all the things that make us feel we are king of the world, make us feel we could fly. It's the search for freedom that drives us.

Anyways, nice animation. Only, try to be nicer to those n00bs.

Da-Dinictus responds:

First, let's discuss the title of your review - streaming audio? It all was streaming. And compressed. It's just an awfull lot of graphics and soundbytes -not to mention tween objects in the library >_< - which all adds to the file size.
Now, as for your very elaborate review upon this movie's contents, in which you state, that our answers to our questions will drift 'pon the flow of time towards us, if chance has it. An interesting take. Laid back, and very much focused on what you do now and soon, not really as to come yet. I was a bit surprised you mentioned these NG users and to use them in contrast to the Athene court of old times that has sentenced Plato to drink the poison. But I can see your point. But seeing the Question around all revolves as "What do we want our lives to be?" is more for a life style I mentioned earlier - not at all suiting to some, or just the kind of life and ideals others just might share.
Finally, the n00bs I must be nice to? There are two kinds of new users, be it to a game, to a BBS, or NewGrounds - the kind, respectfull newbie, with some nettiquette, and 'teh n00bie', claiming he 'pwnz @ll' and whatnot. The latter need to beat the respect out of me if they want it. And since most of them are either talentless hacks without Flash experience, I don't even mind if a movie got blammed because you'd know what Flash just might be if you put some work to it, those bastards get nothing from me. And most of the time, they catch me in my bad mood. ^_^ I'm adorable. And fuzzy. Eat rice.[/random insanity]
...Thank you for your kind review. You've taken your time for it. And I'm glad you wanted to share your views with us.

Great movie Da_Dinictus

It is very refreshing to see an intellectual flash on Newgrounds that discusses life and the universe and with of course funny stuff going on in the background :). I also noticed the fully functional clock on your forehead.

woah... go 'R'!

dude, that sucked... naw just kidding ^_^
i thought it was pretty damn cool. The fact that you acctually took the time to reference all the philosophers of old to augment your point is a testament to depth of this flash. I personally, am a deist, believing that a force (god? a stray speck of dust?) created the universe and then left it alone.
Keep up the good work Dinictus and i hope to see more of it on NG soon.

i love it

i love it

The end surprised me

First, I found the idea of this movie original, but still it bored me after a few minutes. I decided to watch it until the end anyway and was surprised to find a certain...err...character (don't want to spoil it for anyone who reads this) in this movie. That's when I decided to give you a better score.