Reviews for "BoF 2 - Memories Remix"


Yeaaaaah, good times, the first time I let someone listen to this they stared at me for like a minute straight before bursting out laughing for absolutely ages, after that it soon got around that I actaully have a soul and i'm not a heartless bugger. To which almost everyone was like 'OMIGODNOWAYWHATTHECRAP?!?' to, so yeah, thanks a lot....I dunno whether I'm being sarcastic or not yet. Oh yeah...a review....Very relaxing meoldy, calming and it definately pulls at the old heart strings...wait I have one of those? Oh yeah, I think....I think that at some point you should make a song with actual vocals, quite possibly supplied by the aforementioned wife. just to see what people think of it, or have you already done that?

Hammerypart says: I really thought the whole 'Emotions' thing was beyond the male people, guess I'm wrong then. Cya later!

kelwynshade responds:

Emotions are beyond the male gender?


I'm not exactly sure where your review was going, but I think it's a good one =)

Glad you liked it.

Its *Sigh*Very Soothing.

This is very moving. Alot of memorys pops up in my mind when I hear this.I thank you for making such a delicat peace of work.Aswell as my thanks.

kelwynshade responds:

It's a great piece of music from the game, I just wanted to recreate it in a more 'FULL' sound.

Thanks for checkin it out.

amazing T_T

it brought tears to my eyes. i pretty much downloaded all your songs to my mp4 player after this.

kelwynshade responds:

Good deal. Hopefully I can keep releasing stuff to slowly take over your MP4 player.

World domination... one song at a time =)


Very soft and cool to listen great talent :p

kelwynshade responds:

Thank you. I'm happy that you approve =)

omg *sniffle*

This is my favorite tune from BoF2. This is...just beautiful. I give you props for this awesome piece. You get...*sniff*...a 5 and...*sniffle*...a 10/10 from me. Please...excuse me...*sniffle*...as I can't review...anymore*sniffle*. *runs for nearest box of tissues*

kelwynshade responds:

I appreciate it. It's an awesome song, and it badly needed some love.