Reviews for "BoF 2 - Memories Remix"

I'll bring back the 10s!!!

This is very moving. I like the fact that you made this for your wife. Also, this makes me very happy! :) LOVE IT! Keep it up!

kelwynshade responds:

Thank you. Glad you liked this.

rating 7

im not the type for classical but good job anyway :)

kelwynshade responds:

way to break the 10's with a 7 =)

Thanks regardless.

Well well

Well, I mostly reviewed this because your doing such a wonderful job at replying to posters. This is a very nice of work. Wait not nice....wonderful, great, motivational, memory giver backer. Congrats on this piece I enjoy listening to this over and over because it is very soothing.

Although at :50 to:59 it sorta reminind me of Legend of Zelda...so indeed your song does introduce me to my memories. Please keep more awesome tracks coming.

kelwynshade responds:

I appreciate it. I'm happy you enjoy this one.

I try pretty hard to keep up to date with replies. If someone takes the time to leave a comment, it's only courteous for me to reply.

Very moving.

I usually don't hand out many 10's, but this is a true masterpiece. I would definitely be proud of yourself if I were you. I can't critque it because I can't find one thing wrong with it. Also, usually I don't give 10's to people who don't make their exact own piece, but this is moving me and I love it, so great job!

kelwynshade responds:

I appreciate it. I put quite a bit of time in this one. My wife is very pleased with the results.

Feel free to check out my other work if you liked this one. I usually don't do remix stuff, but I do have the occasional remixed song here and there.

Thanks for the comments.


Oh My God!..... this song makes me cry and brings back some happy memories also some bad ones like how happy i was with my cat before it ran away and my dog only just 3 days ago *Cry* *Sniff* i had him since he was born and i only had him for 3 months before he got run over T_T (crap i don't usually cry just by writing) any way *Sniff* good song its really good 10/10! XD

kelwynshade responds:

poor animals =(