Reviews for "The Mattress Resprung 2/2"

That was great!

That was some funny shit! "what kinds of stuff? 'All kinds of stuff!' 'STUFF!!!' "I'm gunna cut ya!!!"

Funny shite, dude. :)

You have really made my evening. The art needs some work, but obviously you put uber effort into making the dialogue very funny and the animation to go with it. Good job; you gets a fifen from me. :)

Kitsune, don't worry about the outwar douche. Not only did I click abusive, I reported the bastard on the Official Outwar Spammers thread in the BBS. This will get looked in to. If not, then I will email Tom or Wade myself. It works, trust me. :)

Great movie! but...

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I mean on his review, not mine.

thats cool

hey...every morning when i wake up i drink milk.
and this was a funny movie. i especially liked the first part: Matrix Reloaded ;)

This movie proves that.....

....any loser with a computer can make flash movies!!! I don't mind the crappy graphics, japanese-style talking, nor not knowing what the fuck is going on because I am still having naughty thoughts about THAT FAT GUY CRAPPING HIS PANTS!!!! THANKS GUYS!