Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

Not bad at all.

Thought I thought the game was kind of easy. It's a shame the last one of these you made was in 2002, which means that there is near nil likelyhood that the game will be finished. If you people were having trouble with dying, why didn't you just max out Marthanne's defense and use her as a healer? Emma and Hiro can easily defeat about anything that the party would come across. I really don't understand the mature rating on this game, it's not excessively violent; especially for NG. I mean, come on Newgrounds, if an enemy buckling under after being attacked a few times is violent, or the little blood trickles, then what do you have to say about the whole of the Bad Inventions series, or why aren't you totally banning the Assassain series? Some people, I guess I just will never understand them.

Also, should you make a part 3, change the music, it gets repetitive quickly. You should have made the jukebox feature permenant and placed it in Nordin. Gameplay mechanics are very smooth, and combat is fast-pased. Only complaint is that you should allow the player the option to re-arrange cards in battle after 4 or 5 turns. I had to start the original over at the end because my hit% was too low.

Wonderful ! Wonderful ! Wonderful !

Great game! cant wait to try the next chapter! the cards idea was great, and i can see the story developing quickly.


I love this game but Emma is a slowpoke and how do u earn gold then fighting to earn it? And make them naked when they die that will be so funny(humor will be up to 8)! And I keep dying so hard like my @$$ is being squeezed like hell! You can at least make Absalom:Pt.3 better with a suicide button if ur almost dead because you'll die right in the next battle anyways. I'm a huge fan and naked catgirls they are troublemakers(I'm talkin bout in real life and game life)! My mom saw them then I got grounded because I'm not allowed to see naked chicks and they can easily kill you so be careful and retreat should be like really retreat like run away in case in absalom:Pt.3!

(All Scores Nul and Void)

=) Sorry for the scores, it didn't seem right to grade a game I haven't played, but it didn't seem right to give zeros after that great first game... Please tell, should I enter my code BEFORE or AFTER the game has loaded... And WHAT is the chance of this game loading with Dial-Up and AOL? (Not my comp, lol, but still...) The first game was fine but this game doesn't seem to leave 1% and it's been loading about a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. I'm really sorry to post, again, I am... I'll give rave reviews once I actually get to play... ^ ^ THX!

liked it

but it was hard becas i cold not keep my cards