Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

Even better than the 1st

If you played Absolom you will love this even more. All the same great stuff the 1st had and more, better artwork, more combat choices, same painful music, and another character. Great work on improving the combat system, makes it alot funner. Nice work on the story and big iprovements on the art. Play Absolom first before you play this since you can save your character code to use in this one. Another great(better) job.

Absolute genius!

this game is an even bigger triumph of flash than your first, and i'm prolly being negative, it would be hard to make something this good in flash...even though one reason i vote high on these is coz i luv these types of games...ITS STILL AWESOME! A MUST SEE!

Awesome Game

Ok... dis game is awesome i played the first one now playing 2nd one... again... prolly beat this game like 5 times now ... thought i should leave a post... this 2nd one is definetly better... u gotta make a 3rd game with an ending to it all... going mental having to wait... Payce.


i like this one better than the last. Save points and being able to use those healing potions in battle is cool!!!
Hoping for another cool game

When is the next one?

I patiately wait for the next installment. For a year. A YEAR. Why have you not continue this? Iuse to play this hours on end. So make another one.
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