Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

What the Fuck????

What the hell?!! you get into one fight and then everyone dies cuz you get totally overwhelmed and every time you try to escape you fail so the game is over in 2 minutes. I realize that games that are too easy are'nt fun but i prefer games that are possible to beat. It was the same thing with the first game. It just plain out sucked.

that was sweet

man i didnt get far but it was sill pretty sweet!!!!!


in the dirtytown is a trashcan somewhere, if you look in it you will find a coin, you can do this as much as you like but somethimes you have an encounter with 100 foots.
a password for chapter 3 is IOPLSDQQ and IOPLSDOO
for chapter two is it IKXXOO+R


This game kicks ass

this game kicks ass!

Sketchy graphics, but still kicks ass! When are you gonna come out w/ part three?