Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

5/5, 10/10

Oh, come on with the scores, guys! It's one of the first RPGs made in Flash, you can't blame people for trying. Also, I love the cards idea and I think it's one of the most creative stats system in Flash RPGs ever made. Story's also fine, can't deny that. Stop being so judgemental and try to appreciate this piece of history.

Also, if you want a good save - here's a 10 level Emma and Martanne with 99 gold for some shopping: HHPSOO.

I really like this series a lot

But it looks like there may be a memory leak in it (or in Flash itself). Firefox finally froze with 1GB memory in use!

I'm all for old-fashioned turn-based games (everything seems to be real time nowadays) but I feel I've lost too much time perfecting my card selection to start all over again. :-(

Calm down people !

Calm down people !

This game is nearly 10 Years old.

It was made with Flash 5. The first flash, which gave you the possibility to make action script based games. It´s still in the games section because it´s a classic.

Back then flashs had to be small in filesize, to load quick. That means low graphic effects and a minimum of animation and sounds. Flash 5 also wasn´t so good at compression.

My advise, take this game as a history lesson in flash games and don´t blame the maker.


It was an interesting flash more like a game, i would like to see it improved, maybe remove the next buttons so its more like a movie somehow

As stated above

Entertaining movie/game


Can't even beat one battle

I bet there isn't even a swamp in this game