Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

At first i thought this game was stupid.

But i soon changed my mind


Man, that game rules!!! You gotta teach me how to draw like that. One more thing,if you put a naughty part(Emma and Marthanne naked)I WILL WORSHIP YOU!!!

Better than porn

The sequel to Absalom. This rules.
The plot is awesome. The combat system is awesome. Everything in this game is awesome.
I think that there should be more password markers, because there's always a long stretch between them and that stretch almost always involves something that annihilates the party.
It would be sweet if you could customize your character, like when you level up you should put the points you gain into the stats of your choice, rather than just auto +3/+3/+3.
Emma moves kinda slow, but that's alright. Maybe as you gain levels you could save stat points and use them to learn new moves. The combat moves that the characters have are great, but it would be cool if they had more.
One thing about the catgirls... If you're going to risk getting the game rated as T or R or X for having naked girls, you should take it all the way and fully detail them. Why have naked chicks if you can't enjoy their nakedness?

Better than the first

Ok this was better than the first one but she is still walkin to slow. another thing the place with the ruffians dosn't have an inn, and if it does i can't find it. This place is to hard and you do not find enough gold to stay alive. Other than that its pretty good.

Oh yeah the password system is easy to get for someone with alot of time on their hands like me. like how to get lots a gold. HEHEHE. But still workin on the rest.

nice work

this was rely good but make cheats to it.can someone tell me what interactivity means