Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"


I finished this about a month ago and forgot to write a review. The game can be challenging at times but if you played the first one and liked it then you'll like this one too. I'd like to see more adventure games with this style. Any chance of another game like this?

Great game, some bugs

This is a great game -- player-friendly, interesting characters, nice additions from Chapter 1.

The password never works, however. I've been unable to resume my game after a save. The closest I get is to a slight improvement over the default stats.

A great adventure

This game was very innovative, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The story was great, the characters were memorable, and it was very fun to play. I'd recommend this to anyone!

Password system not working

I played through the first one, started up the second, was really enjoying it, unfortunately I perished. When I entered the password that your mid-way markers gave me, it sent me back to the start. A fair bit of my progress was lost...kinda makes me not want to finish it. It's unfortunate too, because it was enjoyable.

I still can't stand the 1/2 defence if you go first rule though. What the nuts is that?

Masterpiece this game chapter Kinsman!

This is the best series chapter of the absalom series!

Its a Masterpiece! Great Job!