Reviews for "Absalom RPG 2"

Excellent Work.

Brilliant work on the combat system, though I found Marthanne much more helpful then a potion in battle. I played this for hours this morning and found some interesting card combinations and I've decided to set attack as the main for Emma, To-Hit as the main for Marthanne and defense for little old Hiro. Lol. The new characters were interesting and pleasurable to fight. Ratty was poorly drawn though. I prefered the old scarab beetle, but great job on the catgirl. The rubbish bin was a brilliant idea as was the duke box and gamble machine. They compare luck to skill. I found the rubish bin hell. I needed money so I kept on trying and trying. It lead to my death several times. The duke box I didn't bother with and the gamble machine I gave up on. But they were all great ideas. Oh, and to you gamers out there, the big trouble isn't as horrible as you think and the holiday was meant to be a time of reguvination. I also noticed that you changed some of the backgrounds.

All in all, great job. Very superior to the original Absolem RPG (flash). Excellent work Kinsman. The music however can get tiresome after a while and the graphics weren't the greatest, but still a great job!

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MUCH better than Absalom Dungeon!

The random encounters have the best presentation of ANY RPG I have played, commercial or free. And the music kicks ass!

Battle system is great too.

Enjoying the fruits of your labors.

You've managed to improve on yourself while making Absalon2. Very commendable acheivement. The Art Work flows smoother and has generaly incressed in meshing quality, You've given fans plenty of new options. As well as Managing to add multiable personality Depth to the to the story line.

I'm Impressed, you've Filled in peoples general motives with-out the -thrashing EVIL around as if it was good- garbage that seems to be everywhere in RPG games. Plus addional fact that you've made a respectable game that isn't about chosing or dependant in calling on dark powers, a.k.a. Magic to save us all (that shine is just martha's personality bursting thru). To many people seem to keep forgeting that magic's only Aim is to weaken then destory you in the end.

And! have avoided the basic (pure fighter style) problems of Flaunting mindless, overpowered Band of killers (a.k.a. Town Slaughtering fighters and the Mass Murders Inc. adventuriing parties) adds a respectable extra Value to this game above the common RPG lines. :) Flashy

Good job on the addional monster development, my General 1 Hit-Kill style had to be toned down slightly in exchange for a little extra defence and to-hit. Having the random card deal was also an annoying but welcomed challange. Giving the monsters a fighting chance.
**Kinsman, You might want to re-visit this game and give any Pc's under lvl8 2 suite cards of 7-8 as a base to work from*.

Plus an unexpected spice to the game- HERE! KITTY KITTY! The ever classic fem Cat fight, LMAO! A fun oddity was the Slot machine, wasn't expecting that. I can just immagine their reactions to finding a deck of normal playing cards, trying to work out the *rules* in relation to themselves sitting at a table.

Combat tips:
My post on the first game might be helpful, I seggest Playing the first game and building up your stats there to lvl8 or 9. Don't get over cocky, watch your HP lvl's. Using better judgment is even more important here.
??Mid-game saves? Bla!, Run?.. From that Rabble?.. Riighttt... (scarcastic)

Fight in the forest untill Emma is level 9 and Martha is lvl7. (yes, mindless exp. growth, close to an Inn) Over Stock on heal potions, It's become much harder to drag out Martha's healing ablitys to keep 3 peoples HP's up. In the Town, Always take down that halo-doll thing and the 100-leg critter first, RATs have poison ablities, take them out first if the monsters lacks the top 2 types. With Martha, It's now a toss-up between healing or attack for survival.
There's a little more to the learning curve, master all the challanges of the first game.

And each new peice of this makes the existing ones better... Must fullfil.. Conquest..
What! politics? argg.
--Enjoy other peoples hard work! FOR FREE!-
Ty Kinsman.


my favorite part was the cat girl...

As engrossing as the first

I didn't care for Hiro or the post-modern slum deviation from the medievil theme, then again, it does make the genere a little more unique. The plot/storyline is great, and the characters tug at you. If you didn't come out and tell us that the Spades are the bad guys in between scenes, I just might have found myself rooting for Equity.

The card system doesn't sit right with me. It feels like a waste of time walking back and forth fighting things for the sole purpose of changing out cards until I'm ready to move on, but it's not an option to just forget about it. The cards you have matter too much.