Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"


Beautiful. Nostalgic. One of the best songs from one of the all-time greatest games. Ten years ago, when everyone was playing Ocarina of Time, this is how we imagined this song. Eerie, haunting, triumphant, and stunning all at the same time.


This was great. I love the Gerudo Valley music probably more than many of the other music from other areas. Keep it up.


So. Many. Amazing. Memories.
I absolutly loved that game!
Best Zelda game IMO, and this remix just reminds me of all those amazing things.
Thank you, do more Zelda remix's!
And when you do, please PM when there uploaded. :D

brkzeld responds:

I would but um.... I don't know what PM is...

kick arse

i may be a nerd, but when i would play LoZ:OoT i would hum this song through most of the game, this and the lost woods melody, they were just amazing

kool as song!!

it was kind of slow but its alright!!!