Reviews for "Gerudo Valley Death Song"

It was ok.

The original was much better but still, good effort.



I don't get what makes people like this, it's too soft, especially compared to the origional. Sorry, but i just don't like it. But then i'm thinking of the origional and what i want it to sound like, so don't let my poor score let you down too much!

"Brings Me Back..."

This was amazing. It brought me back to the sand temple days. Ahh. Who CANT remember being thrown in that prision a thousand times only to grapple out five seconds later...

great work.

XD wow...

I downloaded Lime Wire on my old computer just to get this song... and here it is...

hi just heling out

pm stands for personal message so he wants u to message him when u get your new song message me also plz :P

brkzeld responds:

haha o ok will do!